UC-Line Application Setup

Setting up your Smartphone with UC-Line

Smartphone usage today has increased tremendously, with that numerous applications exist that can enhance your productivity, or provide the feature set you need for todays’ business environment. The UC-Line Application offers just that, an enhancement to your business system by making your smartphone an extension of your UC-Line system. Let’s get you setup!

1. Installation

The UC-Line Application is available from the Apple App Store© and Google Play©.

Installing your UC Line Mobile App Installing your UC Line Mobile App

Once you have downloaded and installed the application, you simply have to login to use it. To get the credentials you need, login to the UC-Line Portal.

Installing your UC Line Mobile App

On the left menu pane, choose [Phones] then click on [Devices].

Installing your UC Line Mobile App

In the device search area, click on the Softphone checkbox, this will filter all devices to only show the softphones.

Installing your UC Line Mobile App

Find the desired device and click on its’ [Edit Device]Installing your UC Line Mobile App button.

Installing your UC Line Mobile App

In the Edit Device screen, you can get your credentials, amongst other items.

1 The user information is here, note that this says the device is the UC-Line Softphone
2 The device details include the name of the device, the country and its’ E-911 location.
3 These are username and password credentials for logging in the UC-Line Softphone app
4 This will determine if the device will receive voicemail notifications
5 The Call Barring section defines any call restrictions for this device.

The first time you open the application, you will be prompted to accept the license agreement and connections to the device. This is where it differs a little based on your device type. For Android, you will agree to all the terms first. For Apple devices, you will login first. You will progress through the following prompts:


License Agreement This is for acceptance of the EULA
Phone This will prompt you to Allow the app to accept and manage phone calls
Call Heads Allow UC-Line App to draw over the top of other apps
Battery Optimization This allows the UC-Line App to remain powered up, even if you have your battery settings set to optimize battery usage. If this is not accepted, the app will not be able to receive calls when it is in the background
Microphone This allows the app to use the phones built in microphone.

Now enter your username and password and touch [Login].

Installing your UC Line Mobile App

Congratulations! You are ready to use the UC-Line App!

Apple iOS:
Enter the username and password from the Edit Device screen and touch [Login].

Contacts Allows access to the phones built-in contacts
Microphone Allows the UC-Line App to use the built-in microphone
Siri Allows you to use Siri to communicate with the UC-Line App
Notifications Allows the UC-Line App to alert you with sounds and icons of calls and missed calls
Touch ID (if equipped) Allows you to use the biometric functions of the phone to access the UC-Line App
Installing your UC Line Mobile App

You are now ready to use the UC-Line App!