Line Configuration

Line configuration allows you to set a line on a device to show a specific Caller ID when making calls. It also allows you to identify the number an incoming caller has dialed by associating that number with a line on a device in a Callflow.

Prior to beginning configuration, please be aware of the following:

  1. Speed Dials are only available for configuration on ‘Devices’ which have integrated function keys or an added sidecar – such as the HDV230 and the HDV20. Device Button Functions will not appear for incompatible devices.
  2. Lines 1-4 are usually left in a default state (as these are used to receive and transfer calls). Begin configuring Device Button Functions from Line 5.

Configuring a Line


To begin configuring a Device Line Functions, click the Phone icon on the left navigation bar and select Devices. Click on the [Edit] button, denoted by a pencil icon, beside the device you wish to configure and select the [Functions] tab in the top right corner of the window.

  • To begin configuring your Device Line click on the [Edit] button beside Line 5, this displays the Edit Device Button Functions window. ConfigLine_2
  • Next, check the [Line] radio button to display a list of configurable lines. ConfigLine_3
  • Click on the [+] beside the line you wish to add to your sidecar. ConfigLine_4
  • The selected line will move from the left column to the right Selected Line section, where the Display Name (the way the line appears on a device) can be changed. To complete your configuration, click [Save >] on the bottom right of the window.
  • Click on the [Edit] button to make changes or the [X] icon to unlink the line.

Repeat the above steps for each line you wish to configure.