Speed Dials

Speed Dial allows you to configure your device to dial a specific number or extension at the touch of a button. Speed dial does not provide a lamp indication when that number is in use. It is simply used for one-touch calling.

Speed Dials are only available for configuration on ‘Devices’ which have integrated function keys or an added sidecar – such as the HDV230, HDV340, HDV430 and HDV20.

The [Functions] tab is only displayed in the UC-Line Portal for devices that support this functionality.

Configuring Speed Dial

To begin configuring a Speed Dial Function, access the Device section of the Portal (Phone > Devices) & click on the [Edit] button, denoted by a pencil, beside the Device you wish to configure. On the Edit Device section page select the [Functions] tab.

Tip: It is recommended to begin configuring Device Functions from Line 5 as Lines 1 – 4 are generally used for call management (receiving incoming and outgoing calls).

Click on the [Edit] Button beside the line you wish to configure. This populates the Edit Device Button Functions screen.

Speed Dials
  • First, select Speed Dial as your function type.
  • Under Display Name, enter the name you wish to display for this Speed Dial on your function key.
  • Under Parameter, enter the number you wish to set as your Speed Dial.
  • Once you are satisfied with your configuration click [Save].

Please Note: If you’re setting an international number please enter the international dialing code.

Speed Dials

Repeat the above steps for all Speed Dials you wish to add as a function.